Dorcas Walters

I come from a theatrical family and decided I would be a dancer at the age of 4! I studied at Elmhurst and The Royal Ballet School and joined Sadler's Wells Royal Ballet in 1986, moving to to Birmingham in 1990 when the company became Birmingham Royal Ballet.

I danced a wide variety of classical and contemporary roles and created for roles for a range of choreographers. Some of my favourite leading roles were in Romeo & Juliet, La Filla Mal Gardee, In The Upper Room, Giselle, Hobson’s Choice & Midsummer Night’s Dream. After an 18 year ballet career, came motherhood, a fellowship on the Clore Leadership Program and various business enterprises. I started my Gyrotonic training in 2008 and in 2011 began to teach from home.

Unfortunately for me I discovered Gyrotonic too late for my own dance career, but it helped me re-discover the feel-good factor of movement and I now believe the Gyrotonic Expansion System is the most advanced and integrated body conditioning and rehabilitation system available, making it both accessible to all, and at an advanced level ideal for both dancers and athletes. 

My Gyrotonic training includes:

  • Level 1 Gyrotonic

  • Level 2 Gyrotonic

  • Pre/Post Natal Gyrotonic

  • Level 1 Gyrokinesis

  • Gyrotonic Applications for Dancers

  • Jumping Stretching Board

I am continuously adding to my training and have trained with master trainers, Leda Franklin, Elaine Puren, Beatriz Pascual, Dylan Elmore, Ronny Perry-Nadav, Miriam Barbosa & Jackson Kellogg.

As a teacher I believe in helping people to understand and work with their own bodies, so they can move better and feel better. Exercise should not be a chore but make you feel good enhancing both physical and mental wellbeing .

I particularly enjoy the fact that Gyrotonic exercise feels more dance-like than yoga, is not mind numbingly repetitive like using a treadmill, and is about working with your body rather than beating it in to submission.

My own aim is to use Gyrotonic to remain as fit, supple and energetic as possible right into old age, to enjoy moving & have fun!

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