Gyrotonic training with former Birmingham Royal Ballet principal dancer, Dorcas Walters

The Art of Movement is the first studio in Birmingham (UK) to offer Gyrotonic & Gyrokinesis method exercise and specialises in training for dancers, athletes and performers. The aim is to create a non-judgmental space where you can learn to work with, not against, your body, so it lasts you a lifetime.

The GYROTONIC EXPANSION SYSTEM® was developed in the 1980s by former professional dancer Juliu Horvath after studying methods such as pilates, yoga and tai-chi, in order to heal and overcome his own injuries.
Originally called 'Yoga for Dancers' The Gyrotonic Expansion System is a unique, holistic, mind body exercise system that draws on and combines many intelligent movement practices such as yoga, tai chi, pilates, meditation and dance. Juliu began teaching Yoga for Dancers, and designing his unique equipment, in New York and it has now spread to 84 countries with over 13000 teachers across Europe, Asia, Australia and USA.
The Gyrotonic Exapnsion System encompasses 2 mthods:

  • GYROTONIC® method - an equipment based exercise with added support and resistance, usually 1-1 sessions - Learn More
  • GYROKINESIS® method - a non-equipment based exercise using only stools and mats, 1-1 or group sessions - Learn More

The Gyrotonic Expansion System uses full body flowing movement patterns that address core strength, joint stability, flexibility, range of motion, muscle imbalance, injury rehabilitation and overall wellbeing concurrently rather than as separate issues. The system adapts to the needs of the individual so it doesn't matter if you are a sports enthusiast with a high level of fitness or have limited movement, anyone can benefit.

Already practice Yoga or Pilates?

Gyrotonic & Gyrokinesis methods can compliment and enhance your existing sport, dance, pilates, yoga or fitness practice or it can be your sole regular workout. Gyrotonic is more 3 dimensional than Pilates, being based around circular and spiral movements that stimulate the nervous system as well as developing your core strength. If you are familiar with yoga you will recognise many positions, breathing patterns and meditative elements, but in Gyrotonic we keep the movement flowing. Gyrotonic is sometimes described as like yoga on a machine. While this system it is still relatively new to the UK, Gyrotonic method exercise is well established in USA and Europe, and its devotees include Madonna, Gwyneth Paltrow, Tiger Woods, Carl Lewis, Naomi Harris and Andy Murray (not to mention 1000s of others who aren't celebrities!).

What the Gyrotonic method can do for you:

General fitness

Both Gyrotonic and Gyrokinesis classes are excellent ways to maintain muscle control, strength, and flexibility as well as work on physical issues specific to your lifestyle or sport.

  • Enhance spinal mobility

  • De-compress joints

  • Increase flexibility

  • Injury rehabilitation

  • Stimulate fascial network

  • Revitalise

  • De-stress

Performers and Athletes

The Gyrotonic Method is ideal as cross training for sport and is being used worldwide by dancers, athletes, golfers, tennis players, footballers and swimmers to improve their game, as well as other high level performers such as actors and musicians, all of whom need dynamic 3-dimensional movement,  co-ordination, breath control, agility, resilience and core strength.

Many training systems work muscle groups individually and in 2-dimensions, but Gyrotonic method works the whole body in 3 dimensions - muscles, joints & fascia - because performing (and indeed everyday life) requires this. For example if one throws only using the force of the shoulder, eventually the shoulder will become stressed, instead the entire body from the foot through the hips, spine, shoulder and arm should work in co-ordination to distribute the load. The full body flowing movement patterns of the Gyrotonic method, work on distributing force and motion throughout the body, relieving individual joints and muscles from undue stress. The body becomes a supple spring able to respond to different situations with resilience.

Injury rehabilitation & prevention

When recovering from an injury or surgery having at least some 1-1 sessions means the work can be adapted to suit your specific needs. Used in conjunction with physiotherapy or osteopathy the Gyrotonic method provides an ideal way to regain strength, balance and flexibility, to correct muscle imbalance and prevent further injury without adding impact or stressing the joints. The holistic nature of the work means it is a vital part of the healing process and of regaining trust in your body.

Pre & Post-natal exercise

Both Gyrotonic and Gyrokinesis classes are suitable for pre/post natal exercise however if you are not used to exercising regularly it would be best to start with a few 1-1 sessions before joining a group class. Be sure to inform the teacher that you are pregnant or post natal, and let them know about any issues specific to you, so they can guide you appropriately, it is also wise to check with your medical professional about any specific issues you need to bear in mind when exercising.

The Gyrotonic and Gyrokinesis methods will enhance your breathing and relaxation, keep your body moving and flexible at a time when this can be challenging, and maintain your core strength. Postnatally the work will help to regain your muscular tone, core and pelvic floor strength as well as relax and de-stress during the busy years of motherhood.

Anti-Ageing & Rejuvenation

Both methods are suitable for all age groups and provide ideal low impact, gentle exercise that improves posture, co-ordination, balance and muscle tone. Even if you are suffering from osteoporosis or muscular conditions like fibromyalgia it is always possible to find a level of work that will strengthen and mobilise without overworking.

It is never too late to start because the flowing movements enable everyone to work within their own limitations, gently opening and de-compressing the joints, and lengthening the muscles. The breath work stimulates the internal organs and the para-sympathetic nervous system, the core muscles are activated and the overall effect is one of revitalisation - forget about wrinkles this is anti-ageing from the inside out!