“GYROTONIC® movements facilitate one to not “muscle” the body thru space, where many injuries occur, but to “release” the body thru space, in a connected and sequentially integrated matter.”
— Matt Aversa, Athlete and former Professional Pitching Coach

Gyrotonic Method

Gyrotonic method is ideal for people who want 1-1 attention, who have a specific injury or problem to address, or who just dislike going to the gym. The circular and spiral movements work the entire body, developing increased body awareness, co-ordination, core strength and joint mobility, without any jarring or strain.

Gyrotonic method works not only on deep core strength but also breathing, stimulating neural  pathways, de-compressing joints and increasing range of motion. It is a unique holistic mind-body workout that works on the muscles, nervous system, the fascia, the lymphatic system and emotional wellbeing.

The Art of Movement specialises in helping performers, dancers, musicians, actors, athletes and sports professionals to maximise their movement potential, prevent injuries, deal with the stress of high level performance and prolong their performing career.

However, everyone can benefit, you don’t have to be an elite athlete. The Gyrotonic pulley tower adapts for height, arm length, leg length and ability, providing both resistance and support to those recovering from injury, surgery, or illness. Gyrotonic exercise is suitable for the pre/post natal mum and the elderly wanting to maintain mobility or improve posture. A Gyrotonic session can be as tough or as gentle as necessary so is also suitable for those with osteoporosis, chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia.

Regular Gyrotonic practice can enhance and compliment your existing yoga, pilates, sport or fitness practice or be your main form of exercise. For rapid progress 1 or more classes a week are ideal, but you can also come monthly and be given regular homework exercises to practice in between, whatever suits your lifestyle and your purse!

1-1 exercise coaching is not an expense - it is an investment in your health, body, career and wellbeing.