GYROtonic training for dancers & Athletes

Gyrotonic method makes and ideal cross training or rehabilitation for dancers and athletes. Regular Gyrokinesis is ideal conditioning and warm-up for dancers and athletes.

Gyrotonic is now being used worldwide by dancers in companies such as The Royal Ballet, Scottish Ballet, American Ballet Theatre, San Francisco Ballet & Boston Ballet. Many sports professionals such as Tom Daley, Andy Murray, Charles Tillman & Carl Lewis have also discovered the benefits of Gyrotonic training.

Athletes, golfers, tennis players, footballers and swimmers can improve their game, and recover from injury, because the system develops dynamic, functional movement in multiple planes, co-ordination, breath control, agility, resilience and core strength.

Many training systems work muscle groups individually and in 2 dimensions, but Gyrotonic method works the whole body in 3 dimensions, working muscles, joints & fascia. High level performance whether in sport, dance, martial arts or athletics, requires this dynamic, 3-dimensional, neuromuscular function.

The focus on full body connection, and flowing movement patterns of the Gyrotonic method, work on distributing force and motion throughout the body, relieving individual joints and muscles from undue stress. By applying this type of training the body becomes a supple spring able to respond to different situations with resilience. This helps dancers and athletes not to overuse certain muscles such as hip flexors and to find the most efficient way for their body to perform to its full extent.

As a former dancer myself I enjoy teaching other professional dancers and aspiring vocational students because I know how Gyrotonic can help them move more efficiently, with strength, focus, self-awareness and resilience. *Because I know dancers are not well paid I offer a special pay-as-you-go rate to those who are not able to afford the package prices - see special offers.