The Gyrotonic Method is ideal as cross training for sport and is being used worldwide by dancers, athletes, golfers, tennis players, footballers and swimmers to improve their game, as well as other high level performers such as actors and musicians, all of whom need dynamic 3-dimensional movement,  co-ordination, breath control, agility, resilience and core strength.

Many training systems work muscle groups individually and in 2-dimensions, but Gyrotonic method works the whole body in 3 dimensions - muscles, joints & fascia - because performing (and indeed everyday life) requires this. For example if one throws only using the force of the shoulder, eventually the shoulder will become stressed, instead the entire body from the foot through the hips, spine, shoulder and arm should work in co-ordination to distribute the load. The full body flowing movement patterns of the Gyrotonic method, work on distributing force and motion throughout the body, relieving individual joints and muscles from undue stress. The body becomes a supple spring able to respond to different situations with resilience.